” I have seen first hand Mike & Dusty work for more than 5 years. There are no attorneys who are more prepared, hard working and knowledgeable about the law. They know how to efficiently and effectively attack a case from all sides. I would highly recommend any person with a legal issue to talk with Mike & Dusty before hiring anyone else. You will find that their character, knowledge and vigor will benefit your case. They will efficiently handle your case in a way that provides the most value for your money. “

- DH

” Mike is organized, detail oriented, and a tireless advocate for his clients. I can’t thank him enough! “

- MR

” Dustin Smith has provided valuable consult and legal support on a number of occasions. He has a unique ability to translate complicated legal jargon into understandable terms. He’s certainly talked me off a few ledges! I’ve had a few situations which did not follow normal or predicted paths as they unfolded, but Dustin proved unflappable, professional, and supportive. I would highly recommend this firm to any person with appropriate legal needs. “

- PS

” I am so glad that I retained the services of Gruszeckzi & Smith. During the initial consultation attorney Dustin Smith reviewed my case, the evidence at hand and presented the possibilities of what could happen and how we would fight it. His professionalism and expertise in the field of law was like none other. I have worked for several firms and attorneys as a legal secretary for many years and attorney Smith’s knowledge of the law was stellar. Many firms will represent you but Gruszeckzi & Smith truly fights for you. Because of Gruszeckzi & Smith and the expertise of attorney Smith, my case was dismissed. Without Gruszeckzi and Smith the outcome of my case could have very well been different. I highly recommend and endorse Gruszeckzi & Smith and will continue to use their firm for all of my legal needs. “

- AB

” I have had the pleasure of working with Dustin Smith, primarily in real estate transactions, for over 5 years now. Not once in that time has he fell short of doing an excellent job. He is always very responsive, via any communication channel necessary, and has a knack for taking any complicated concepts and explaining them in an easy to understand way. The ability to do this shows a true command of knowledge in a topic area. Many attorneys tend to “prove their worth” by trying to talk over your head and giving textbook answers to questions. Their goal is not truly to help, but to validate their fee. I can say, unequivocally, that Dustin has been an immense help through the years, and is the rare type that will go out of his way to make his clients’ lives easier throughout a legal process. For these reasons and more, I hope to continue working with Gruszeczki & Smith for many years to come. “

- PS